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Callorie Off Arms - korset pelangsing lengan

Korset pelangsing khusus untuk tangan teknologi Jepang
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Best selling in Japan, Taiwan, Korea & Singapore!!

Berfungsi membentuk dan membakar lemak di lengan.
Dapat digunakan sehari-hari dan saat berolah raga.

Efektif mengecilkan dan mengencangkan lengan Anda apabila dipakai secara rutin dan sabar. Hasil optimal dan lebih cepat bila dipadukan dengan gel pelangsing ^^

For Arm Slimming (wear 4-6 hours/ day)
Size : Free Size
Material: Nylon 88%, Polyurethane 12%
Colour: Brown

Wonders of Calorie Off! The unique wave-like patterns of the fabric create friction during movement. It massages your arms to tone and firm, burning off calories at the same time. It is believed to burn off 399 Calories / Hour!


Q: Is this a popular product?

A: I often watch the TV Show Taiwan, surely this is what the product is recommended by the artists!! Most popular in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. And u can check it online at the website No. 1 in Japan, includes this hot item.

Q: What made this item?

A: This is a kind of corset, boosts to help burn the calories in the hand & thigh. The tank top model helps burn fat in the stomach.

Q: How to use it?

A: Can be used at work or at home while watching TV. Can also use for workout or fitness. Most good if combined with slimming gel. But I do not recommend to wear it 24 hours a day, let the blood flow. I feel real comfortable using it.

Q: Can we wash it?

A: Wash by hot water,do not use washing machine, and do not brush at it.

Q: Who can wear this item?

A: Universal (can use by woman or man)


It can lead the blood circulate healthily. Regular wear can reduce hypodermic fat with a view to keep your body fit and make your arms relax.

This massage arms shaper used many kinds of natural plant.

Homogeneous body essence will weave into the wire mesh directly, uses the unique wave concave-convex weave, the use walks when the bodily rhythm, in view of is putting on the spot serve gradualness massage to achieves the thermal decoding effect.

-Enhances blood circulation

-Say goodbye to 'Fat' arms now!

-Suggest to use after bathing, and put it on around 4 hours to achieves the better effect.


Harga: Rp.66.000

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